About People Smartz

About People Smartz

People Smartz is committed to providing practical solutions to managing people in your business. Our goal is to improve your capacity to achieve your business goals through our coaching programs and software solutions.

Who are we?

People Smartz Pty Ltd provides HR and Business Coaching Services to small and medium sized businesses. We believe that "People Drive Results" and our products and services are designed to assist business owners to drive their business to success through the people working in it. Our business and HR Coaching concentrates on ensuring the performance ofall those in the business is directed to achieving business goals. Whether the business has one or 300 employees our approach is to provide simple and cost effective solutions suitable to the size of business.

What makes us different?

We concentrate on developing the capability of your business to manage and get the most out of your most important asset - Your People.  

Unlike many other HR Companies, we do not wish to be your "Outsourced HR Manager". We believe that managing your business, and your people, is something best done by you and your people.  

Instead we work with you to build your capability - first by improving the capability of your business in regards to managing people and then by providing the support you need, when you need it.

There is one other point that makes us unique - our blend of general management and Human Resource Management experience. This experience means that when we recommend resources, systems or programs for your business, they are based on a view of your business that is wholistic and balanced - in other words, it is tailored for your business.

This unique approach was recognised in 2013 by our being named as a State Finalist in the Telstra Business Awards.

Our Values

  • We value the relationships we have with our clients - their success will result in our success.
  • We understand that the services and products we recommend must meet the needs of our
  • clients business.
  • We place a value on growing the internal capability of our clients businesses to reduce their
  • reliance on us.
  • We will advise in a professional and ethical manner.
  • We will work with clients who believe that "people" are the drivers to their success.
  • We place a value on working with our close competitors to develop strategic relationships

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